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Active and Passive Voice MCQs | English MCQs | Page #1

Active and Passive Voice MCQs  | English MCQs | Active and Passive Voice MCQs - English MCQs Active and Passive Voice Mcqs are very very important in the English portion of almost tests and it often asked by the Various testing services Specially which are FPSC, PPSC, KPPSC , Spsc, PTS, OTS and others lot of Testing Services. Here you will find all Important ACTIVE / PASSIVE VOICE Mcqs for your any upcoming tests Preparation. ------------------------------------------------------------ Q1: I take exercise daily. A. Exercise are taken daily by me. B. Exercise is been taken daily by me. C. Exercise is being taken daily by me. D. Exercise is taken daily by me. Q2: Did you visit a zoo? A. Was a zoo being visited by you? B. Was a zoo visited by you? C. Was a zoo been visited by you? D. Was a zoo be visited by you? Q3: She will invite me. A. I will invited by her. B. I shall be invited by her. C. I s